T's and Tots Brand Rep Search For Our Bodysuit Line!



We are excited to announce the search is now open to find the next T's and Tots brand rep! 

What we are looking for:

  1. Someone that takes great shots of their little ones.
  2. A baby or child who is not camera shy.

 How to enter:

  1. Follow @TsandTots on Instagram
  2. Repost our competition image (you can find this on Instagram), tag our store @TsandTots and hashtag #PICKMETNT
  3. Upload up to three recent images to Instagram that best show off your child’s personality. Images must also be tagged with #PICKMETNT and @TsandTots

 What you can win:

  1. The winner of the T's and Tots brand rep search will receive a minimum of $100 worth of bodysuits over a three-month period, as chosen by us. 
  2. A 20% store discount code valid for three months, for personal use only.

 Terms and conditions:

  • Competition opens on May 25th and runs until June 8th, the winner will be announced on June 9th via Instagram.
  • You must repost our brand rep search image (above) for you entry to be valid.
  • Entry images must be recent on Instagram.
  • Open worldwide for people with PUBLIC PROFILES only – please note this is a ‘brand rep’ search, therefore the winner will be required to publically promote T's and Tots via social media.
  • The winner is required to post an image to Instagram at least once every 2 weeks, featuring gifted merchandise from T's and Tots. You also give consent to T's and Tots to share your images via social media.
  • The winner will be representing T's and Tots for a three-month period only, unless extended by mutual agreement.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without further notice if the winner does not adhere to all the rules stated above.
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I would like everyone to meet Jr.

Jr was diagnosed with a rare birth defect called CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia). It happens in 1 of every 2,000 babies born and he only had a 30% chance of survival. In his case, he had Left sided CDH, where he had a hole in his diaphragm, causing his stomach/intestines to move up into his chest, pushing his heart to the right side of his body, preventing his right lung to expand. He needed two surgeries at birth to repair his defect, still only leaving him with one working lung. He was finally discharged from the NICU at almost 3 months old.

When he was 5 months old, his was then diagnosed with another defect called Craniosynostosis, where his skull grew together too quickly, caused his head to look kind of like a football. So he had a cranial vault remodeling surgery done at 6 months old where they completely took apart his skull and put it back together so his head looks more round and his brain can grow properly.

He had ear tube surgery in January of 2015 and he also went in 4/20/15 to repair his inguinal hernia (groin hernia) on the right side. While in surgery, they will take a camera and check the left side. If he has a hernia there too, they will repair it during surgery as well.

Jessica, you are truly an amazing mother to Jr. and I'm so happy that he is doing well after so much he's been through. Continue to trust in God's plan for Jr. and your family. 

I want to dedicate this shirt to Jr. and to all the little warriors that are fighting to live a normal life.


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A bunch of new designs!

Check out some of our newest designs from this past week!

1) Mama Didn't Raise No Fool

2)Today I Do Nothing

3)I Mustache  You A Question

4)Touble Maker Wanted

5)Hello My Deer

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